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We are a team of
developers and designers.

Moblo is based in Japan and other parts of Asia and has projects around the world. Development and design are not only about blockchain, apps, systems, and visuals but also about the business itself and the overall project.

Our Service

  • Blockchain Development

    The important thing when planning service is the destination. Whether it is to solve a social issue, implement a special idea, just make money, or a combo of them. After determining the direction of the destination, we get to work. We believe in keeping everyone on our team working in the same direction.

  • Implementation

    We do not believe that buzzwords and technology trends alone will achieve the goals. It should be achieved by implementation and acceptance by society. We do not end with the development of a product; we also focus on social implementation.

  • Design

    Design is an important element of implementation. We create the design with consideration of what is the best design to achieve the goals of the service while incorporating designs that are liked by the people involved and trending.

  • Community Building

    The power of community will become stronger and stronger. In particular, blockchain will change the concept of ownership in the digital world, and users will be more involved in projects. We concentrate our efforts on Community Building.

Company information

Company name Moblo Inc.
Address Room 211, 25-5, Yoyogi itchome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Japan
CEO Go Yoshida
Representative 2019.5

Group Company

Company name Moblo Singapore PTE.LTD.
Representative Go Yoshida